Roanoke Valley SPCA in need of cat food for PET program

Program provides pet food to elderly Meals on Wheels recipients with pets

ROANOKE, Va. – The Roanoke Valley SPCA needs your help.

The shelter is running low on cat food for its PET program.

PET stands for Pets Eat Too.

The program provides cat and dog food to the League of Older Americans to give to elderly residents who receive food from Meals on Wheels but also need food for their pets.

Last year, the SPCA provided more than 5,000 meals for pets.

"We're going into a point in the year where things slow down a little bit. School's kind of busy, sports activities for the kids and things like that, and people get sidetracked," Hayes said.

Dry cat food or dog food is preferred.

You can drop food off at the shelter or order it online and have it delivered to the shelter.