Lynchburg police searching for 2 suspects after chase leads to crash, third person arrested, release

Police say charges are pending


10 News is now learning there were three people in the car. 

Police chased one of them and arrested them, but that person has been released. 

The search continues for the driver and another passenger. 

Police say after 11 a.m. Wednesday they tried to pull a car over, but the driver did not stop. 

During the chase, police say the driver hit a car on 12th and Floyd streets near R.S. Payne Elementary School.

The car finally stopped after it crashed into a fence on 18th and Floyd.

Police say the driver and two passengers ran on away, leaving the scene. 

Neighbors who heard the crash said when they came out to look, they saw a figure run behind some homes.

Brett Witcher and a group of others were working on a Habitat for Humanity nearby. He said it was a normal workday for them until they saw and heard the sirens. 

“I was standing just right over there in the front when all of a sudden, this black car zoomed by really, really fast. And soon after that, the police came,” Witcher said. “It was a little bit concerning, but we’re thankful for the police.”

Police say it was an extensive search, but they are still looking for that driver and the other passenger, and charges are pending. 


Lynchburg authorities say they are searching for suspects after a car led officers on a chase through the city before crashing into a pole. 

Officers say they tried to stop the car but the driver refused to pull over, leading authorities on a chase through the College Hill neighborhood. 

According to police, the car crashed in the 1800 block of Floyd Street before the suspects ran away from the scene. 

Authorities are investigating another crash at the intersection of 12th Street and Ford Street, but officers would not comment on if the crash was related to the chase. 

K-9 officers are sniffing the car in question in an effort to find the suspects. 

10 News has a crew on the scene working to learn more information. 

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