10th Street on track for completion by end of year

ROANOKE, Va.- – Work crews continue to make progress on the second phase of construction on 10th Street in Roanoke. 

The paving work started last week on Andrews Road to Williamson Road. Improvements will include reconstructing the two travel lanes and adding bicycle lanes and sidewalks. 

"Some folks are concerned about some manholes out there that are higher up. The reason is that the final paving hasn't been completed and so those manholes are going to be up higher than the level of the final pavement will be when it is finally completed," said Jason Bond, VDOT spokesperson.  

Marlene Starkey lives off 10th Street, and right now it's not her favorite street to travel. 

"Let me say this, 'Thank you for doing the project.' My concern is, 'Make sure it's finished correctly,” said Starkey. 

Jason Bond said there's more concrete work and driveway connections to be paved. 

"We appreciate people's patience. I know this has been a lengthy construction process. I think it's going to be a great project for the city once its completed," said Bond. 

"I think the residents are willing to wait, but what we need is a guarantee of what's going to happen when the end date comes," said Starkey. 

Utility work put the project behind by a few weeks, but it's still expected to be finished by the end of the year. 

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