'It means a lot to us': Carilion employees bring Halloween to kids in hospital

Employees dressed up, handed out candy to kids

ROANOKE, Va. – Wearing a unicorn horn and princess dress, 7-year-old Tinlee Hudson jumped and twirled with excitement as costumed employees at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital visited her room.

"It means a lot to us that they take the time out of their day to come here to spend time with our children to make them feel like they get to experience the same things that the well children are getting to do," Tinlee's mother, Christy Hudson, said.

Tinlee has been in the hospital for a week because of her asthma and viral pneumonia.

Her mother said the reverse trick-or-treating was a pleasant surprise.

"She's extremely excited. She wants to go over to the door and watch everybody and see everybody," Christy Hudson said.

In all, 14 kids got their trick-or-treat bags filled with candy, stickers, glow sticks and bubbles.

"We would love for her to be home, but we want her to be well. If we're here, this makes it a little easier for us," Hudson said.

Child life specialist Melissa Addington said she and the other employees enjoy the day just as much as the kids.

"This is something that we just feel is really important. One of our goals is to help normalize being in the hospital," she said. "To come into the room with something that's a fun activity, and to bring a little bit of holiday magic, whether that's Halloween or Thanksgiving, or Christmas or whatever holiday, it's wonderful to see their face light up."

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