Roanoke pound, shelters work together to save cats ahead of expected influx

Shelters took dozens of cats from pound to make room for cats from hoarding case

ROANOKE, Va. – Three Roanoke animal shelters are working together to prepare for an influx of cats.

The Roanoke pound expects to get a lot of cats soon from a local hoarding case.

On Wednesday, Angels of Assisi and the Roanoke Valley SPCA volunteered to take close to 50 cats from the pound.

If they hadn't, some of the cats would likely have been killed in order to make room for the incoming cats.

"It is very stressful because the last thing we want to do is euthanize, and the last thing we absolutely want to do is euthanize for space. It's very hard on the staff; it's absolutely hard on the animals, of course," said the pound's operations director, Melinda Rector.

All of the cats are now up for adoption at Angels of Assisi and the SPCA.

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