With cold weather coming, make sure your home is prepared

Temperatures to drop into teens, 20s next few days

With temperatures expected to drop into the teens and 20s the next few days, you'll want to make sure your home is prepared.

That means insulating exposed pipes, especially pipes that are outside.

If you have a hose connected to a spigot on the outside of your house, take it off.

Water in the hose can cause the spigot's piping to freeze and burst.

If your gutters are full of leaves, that could cause frost to build up under your shingles.

Southern Trust Home Services' owner, Ted Puzio, says calls always go up this time of year because people don't prepare.

"No one takes the time to tell homeowners they can do all the simple tasks themselves and save themselves a pile of money. It's almost like a car. If you keep driving a car and don't change the oil, it's too late at that point. But if you do the preventative (work) ahead of time, that car will last you 200,000 miles. The same with your house," Puzio said.

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