Historic Roanoke church launches GoFundMe for restoration, repairs

Greene Memorial UMC feels hit of $300,000 price tag


ROANOKE, Va. – A historic Roanoke church has announced it is turning to the public to ask for help. 

Greene Memorial United Methodist Church has depleted all of its endowment money to cover repair and restoration expenses -- but estimates there's about $300,000 more in work that needs to be done. 

According to a statement from the church, mold was found in and around the attic above the sanctuary last fall after faulty repairs led to roof and drainage damage. 

With remaining repairs hanging over the congregation's head, the church is struggling to come up with the money needed for remaining repairs. 

"The situation threatens the future of the church stability and the continued use of its historic building," church officials said in a statement. "In an effort to stay afloat and open, the congregation announced today the decision to go public for help with the Greene Memorial United Methodist Church GoFundMe campaign." 

The building that houses the church is 130 years old. 

"Greene Memorial is an essential part of our downtown vibe: From their interfaith connections made across racial and geographical barriers; and leaders in working to reduce homelessness and poverty and empowering children to imagine a bright and beautiful future. Greene Memorial keeps a pulse on what makes our city vibrant and is courageous in addressing our greatest challenges," said Vice Mayor Joe Cobb. 

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