Thieves steal ice cream during California open house

ROCKLIN, Ca. – We all may scream for it, but one couple appears willing to go further than most people would to get their hands on ice cream.

They faked interest in a house for sale to gain access to the freezer, and local realtors don’t think it’s the first time they’ve done it.

A picture may say a thousand words, but this one has sparked a thousand questions.

Realtor Elizabeth Axelgard says her clients noticed something was off after an open house on Saturday.

So they checked their security cameras.

“It showed this couple walking into the garage, opening several cabinets and then the female opening the refrigerator door, taking out something, putting it in her large handbag," said Axelgard.

Luckily it wasn’t anything too valuable, but it sure would’ve tasted good!

“Well, when I found out what it was I was really shocked. I was like seriously? You’re taking ice cream?'," said Axelgard.

Closing a sale can be a rocky road, but some say this takes it to a whole new level.

“When I shared it on social media, a lot of agents reached out to me and said that they recognize the couple," said Axelgard.

“There have been two instances that I know that happened in addition to the one that happened this weekend," said realtor Joanie Cubias.

Cubias said that she and her colleague had candlesticks and pain medication taken from their open houses last year in Rocklin.

She says her clients didn’t have cameras like these catching the suspected thieves in the act.

Although, the realtor says her client’s ring doorbell captured a couple walking into an open house last august and the pair looks pretty familiar.

The homeowners say they don’t plan to file a police report for the stolen ice cream.

Joanie Cubias/Realtor:

“Just the coincidence that these two people were at, were visitors at these open houses and things went missing.”