Nine-year-old writes song after being bullied

KANSAS CITY – Kamryn Henderson is in third grade. He’s been bullied at school and on social media, and now he’s standing up for himself with a song he wrote, called Look Within Yourself.

Kamryn says it hasn’t been easy, but putting his feelings into song is helping him heal.

“If I cried, then I get bullied more,” said Kamryn "I wrote the song and all of a sudden I felt better about myself.”

He’s also watched his sister being teased, so the song is for her and everyone out there who’s faced it.

His mom says the words made her cry bringing back memories of all the hurtful moments, but she’s proud he’s rising above it.

“When you listen to the song you can hear that confidence,” said Kamryn’s mom. "You can hear that he is happy with who he is. and he is kind of saying to the world -- this is me.”

Kamryn says the turning point came after someone called him trash.

"Then I looked at my phone again and I’m like, ‘I’m not trash.’ Like, ‘That’s not true, that’s not true at all.’”

And that inspired his message.