50-year-old man reunites with birth mom for Thanksgiving

KANSAS CITY – A Missouri man is especially thankful this Thanksgiving -- he got to meet his birth mother for the very first time.

He got to meet his birth mother for the very first time.

Curtis Zahnd found his birth mom

“So, I get to see, get to see my mom,” said Zahnd.

Zahnd has waited 50 years for this moment.

“I’m very excited to see her and spend some time -- we’ll get a few days. I think she’s nervous," said Zahnd.

Twenty days after he was born, Zahnd says he was adopted.

“My sister and I were both adopted and she found some family. She gave me the test kit and it sat on our counter for 2 years before I actually did anything with it," said Zahnd.

Through ancestry DNA - he recently connected with his birth mother.

Waiting anxiously, Zhand and his family welcomed their mother and grandmother to Kansas City.

“Yeah, just really excited and looking forward to spending time with her," said Beth Zahnd, Curtis’ wife.

Expecting a more subtle warm welcome, Judy Adler is thankful to be spending the holiday a little differently this year.

“This a dream come true for me, I never thought-- I’ve been thinking about him a lot lately, but never did I ever think this would happen,” said Adler.