Parts of New Hampshire get 3 feet of snow

NEW IPSWICH, N.H. – While granite staters across southern New Hampshire had to dig out from two days of snow this week, residents of New Ipswich might have faced the toughest task after 3 feet of snow fell on their town.

“It looks like a Charles Dickens story out here," said Jake Ferrell.

The people of New Ipswich have their work cut out for them -- digging through massive piles of snow, trying to pick up after a storm that seemed to never quit.

“There’s so much snow you don’t even know where to put it,” said Ferrell.

Ferrell took a stroll with his dogs to check out what was left behind.

“This is really insane," said Ferrell. "I mean, we got some snow last year that was over a foot in a storm I think, but I can’t remember the last time we had 48 hours of sustained 2 feet of snow.”

“I mean, it’s deep. Little hard to shovel. But it’s alright,” said Devon Vaillancourt

Vaillancourt and his brother drew teamed up to tackle the job of shoveling.

A difficult task, but overall it’s a sight the family is happy to see.

Plows and sanders were also busy keeping roads clear.