Hearing Christmas songs on repeat is bad for your mental health

‘It may make us feel like we’re trapped,’ clinical psychologist says

Christmas gift
Christmas gift (KPRC 2)

Before you decide it’s time to put on your favorite “Christmas Tunes” playlist, experts warn hearing Christmas songs on repeat — like you might while shopping over the festive period — could be bad for your mental health.

“Music goes right to our emotions immediately and it bypasses rationality. According to WISN, Christmas music is likely to irritate people if it’s played too loudly and too early,” clinical psychologist Linda Blair told Sky News in 2017.

“It might make us feel that we’re trapped – it’s a reminder that we have to buy presents, cater for people and organize celebrations. Some people will react to that by making impulse purchases, which the retailers like. Others might just walk out of the shop. It’s a risk.”

Of course, if we walk into a shop playing Christmas songs, we can just turn right back out again if we’re feeling irritated, so remember workers who have to listen constantly.

“We ask employers to consider the staff who have to listen to Christmas music all day, because playing the same songs repeatedly can become very irritating and distracting,” said officials with the Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers in the U.K.

So, before you put “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday” on your office radio, pause and think about whether some people near you actually want it to be Christmas every day.

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