Class chicken stolen from first graders

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Some elementary students in Albuquerque, New Mexico are crying foul after someone stole their favorite class pet chicken.

“It hurts my feelings that somebody would do that,” said one student.

Mrs. Groth’s first grade class at Hodgin Elementary School is still in disbelief, and in search of the grinch who stole Polka Dot, one of their five pet chickens.

“It’s just sad that people don’t respect other people’s property, and honestly, it was a school project, so not only did they take a chicken, they kind of destroyed some children’s faith in humanity," said Michele Groth.

She says on Monday one of the teachers noticed the chickens were out of their coop located in the courtyard at the school.

Groth says after doing a headcount they realized Polka Dot was missing.

They found several holes in the coop’s meshing and believe someone hopped the giant gate to steal their beloved class pet.

Groth says the chickens are part of their yearlong project about taking care of animals.

They raised them from an egg all the way until they saw them hatch.

“It’s been an awesome project. They’ve really learned a lot of taking care of a living animal. But it’s sad when one of them is missing. They just don’t get it. They’re first graders. They don’t understand why somebody would do that," said Groth.

Groth says her students have made several signs pleading with the public to help them find Polka Dot.

They’re posted throughout the school and the surrounding neighborhood.

Students don’t care who stole Polka Dot, they just want him to come back home.

“Polkadot is my favorite chicken, so I miss him and wish he would come back to Hodgin,” said one student.