German shepherd rescued after chasing cat up a tree

SACRAMENTO, Ca. – Firefighters are known to rescue cats stuck in trees, but what about German shepherds?

Last week, firefighters in California were called to do exactly that.

It’s the type of 911 call dog owner Sharon Thurston says she never expected to make.

“I was so scared like that dog is my baby like she’s everything to me,” said Thurston.

On Saturday, Thurston says took her two-year-old German Shepherd “Baby” off her leash for just a few minutes

“She has an obsession with cats,” said Thurston.

When she ran off, moments later Thurston heard Baby barking and suddenly realized her pooch had gotten into a precarious position.

“I looked up and was like oh my gosh, she’s going to fall,” said Thurston.

Turns out Baby booked it up a branch in pursuit of a cat.

“I called all my neighbors and was like guys help me you know, and somebody suggested I called the fire department,” said Baby.

As soon as firefighters got that call...

“I took a chuckle and thought it was a first and immediately made a phone call to find out if someone was kidding with me,” said firefighter Larry Madoski.

They couldn’t believe it.

“It’s not your typical everyday call,” said firefighter Marty Ortiz.

But when Ortiz arrived, “you can see a full-grown German shepherd perched upon a large tree and you can see the cat at the end of the limb.”

He immediately took action

“We were able to get the ladder up there and I made my way up and I was able to grab the dog’s leash right away which was actually tangled up on a limb,” said Ortiz.

As soon as he removed Baby from the branch, “The cat got down by itself. it’s still running around here antagonizing her every day,” said Thurston.