Nevada fire department delivers pizza and a baby

RENO, NV – A Nevada fire crew had an unusual and very special shift on Saturday night.

First, they delivered a pizza and then helped deliver a newborn baby just hours later.

Truckee Meadows fire Captain Brett Porter has worked hundreds of shifts, but none quite like Saturday night.

“Last night was definitely, I would say top 10 for sure,” said Porter.

It started off normally enough.

A pretty routine crash out in Sun Valley around 7:30, but the car involved in the crash was carrying precious cargo: Fresh pizzas from Roundtable.

“They were still warm, and we’ve got the wild idea that somebody needs their pizza,” said Porter.

With the delivery driver off to the hospital, the firefighters found the receipts, connected the dots and delivered the pizza, avoiding another emergency.

“We are emergency personnel and not getting your pizza can be an emergency to some people,” said Porter.

All in a day’s work — or so they thought.

Around 4:00 in the morning — another rare call, a woman already in labor.

“It was a surprise,” said Porter. “When we arrived on scene, she had already delivered. Without getting too nitty gritty, the baby was in her arms and we took care of the rest.”

Porter praised paramedic Jose Rodriguez and the rest of the crew.

“My crew was awesome and they’re great of their jobs and which makes my job that much easier,” said Porter.

Today, both baby and mom are healthy and happy — making for two successful deliveries in one unforgettable shift.