Proposed bill would chemically castrate child sex offenders as part of parole in Tennessee

Similar laws have been passed in Alabama, California, Florida and Louisiana


Tenn. – A Tennessee lawmaker proposed a new bill that would require child sex offenders to undergo chemical castration as part of their parole.

In a house bill, filed by Tennessee Rep. Bruce Griffey (R) a person convicted of a sexual offense involving a child that is 13-years-old or younger would have to take part.

The convicted sex offender would take a chemical castration drug that “reduces, inhibits, or blocks the production of testosterone, hormones, or other chemicals in a person’s body.” The drug would be administered by the Department of Health.

According to the bill, the person would begin taking the drug one month before release and until a court deems it “no longer necessary.”

The offender would also be responsible for paying all the costs associated with the process. If the person is unable to pay, the offender would need to prove it in a court order or go back into custody to serve the rest of his or her sentence.

NBC affiliate WBIR reports similar laws have been passed in Alabama, California, Florida and Louisiana.

The station also reports the American Civil Liberties Union opposed the measure and called it “cruel and unusual punishment.”