Man makes Batmobile for good cause

LANSING, MI – A Michigan man is building a customized Batmobile, so he can help children in his community.

“We basically have married together two vehicles to get one," said Aaron Aikman, who’s building the custom batmobile.

The Lansing Batman has been saving the day for kids in the hospital since 2016, making an impact in organizations like Make a Wish Foundation and the American Cancer Society.

That’s why when Batman approached Aaron Aikman about building his very own Batmobile there was no second-guessing.

Aikman says that while it’s an expensive process and funds typically come out of his own pockets, it’s for a good cause.

“Should be a recurring car for the Lansing Batman, when he drives up to the hospital. bring the kids a real vision of him getting out of a Batmobile," said Aikman.

The Batmobile will be a mixture of a dune buggy and 1985 Oldsmobile Toronado.

He plans to assemble it together to make the most realistic version.

“We are combining the tumbler and Michael Keaton’s version of the batmobile," said Aikman.

Aikman even built a lego version to mimic what the car will look like once it’s finished.

Even though the replica cars are expensive to make, Aikman says he tries to build on a budget and that means recycling parts and things you wouldn’t typically think of.

“We do use a lot of different items that are donated or thrown away, and this is just wire conduit from a business and we’re going to use it to make it look more presentable, more realistic," said Aikman.

Aikman says he says he plans to have his batmobile finished by May.