California man cremates wrong dog, leading to a happy reunion

SACRAMENTO, CA – A special reunion for a Sacramento man.

Ralph Johnson and his dog, Cognac, have been inseparable for months.

That is, until one day when the canine got away.

Johnson searched for Cognac but came up empty.

Then one day he saw a dead dog lying on a road where he and Cognac often walked.

Johnson took the dog to be cremated at the Front Street Animal Shelter.

Shortly afterward johnson got a text from the facility, saying Cognac was still alive.

It turns out the dog that Johnson found looked very much like Cognac, but was in fact another dog.

That led to the happy, and bittersweet, reunion.

“I had been having ups and downs. He’s taught me so much about myself," said Ralph Johnson, dog owner.

Johnson and the shelter both say a microchip in cognac is what led to the reunion.

Both believe it wouldn’t have happened without it.