Kids find loaded gun, officer’s badge in Airbnb

TAHOE, Ca. – A safety scare for a family staying at an Airbnb property in California.

The couple says they were just getting into their vacation when their young son found a loaded gun.

“That was just in a drawer in that room. It wasn’t hard to find. It wasn’t hidden. It wasn’t stashed under a bed or anything. it was in a drawer right there,” said Jon Segarra, who found the gun in the Airbnb.

A trip to Tahoe turns into a nightmare after a young boy finds a gun inside a rental property managed by turnkey and posted on Airbnb.

Segarra and his family had just arrived and were unpacking the car — excited for a fun weekend away when he says his son found the gun in the back bedroom.

The gun was loaded and sitting in a bedside table next to a Santa Clara County sheriff’s deputy’s badge.

“Who’s is it? Are they coming back for it? Are we safe here? Is there anybody looking for it right now? Do we have to wait for someone to pull up in the middle of the night looking for their firearm? So, i think that’s kind of what freaked us out and we didn’t want to stay there anymore,” said Segarra.

They called police who came and picked up the gun.

Airbnb did not respond to a request for comment.

Turnkey says this type of situation is unusual and that they take the safety and security of their guests very seriously.

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office says they’ve launched an internal investigation.

They say the gun was not stolen and it was not a department-issued gun, but that it was the deputy’s personal gun.

They’re thankful no one was hurt as is Segarra — who says it could’ve been much worse.

"You know its a mistake but what I’m thinking is how do we leverage this as a learning experience now? You know how do we leverage this to educate more vacation goers and property management places to take more initiative to really clean these spaces especially when families are coming there?”

Airbnb gave the family a full refund, but the family says neither the company nor law enforcement have contacted them with an update on the investigation.