Dad uses backpack to lure mountain lion off child

ORANGE COUNTY, Ca. – A three-year-old boy was attacked by a mountain lion in Orange County, California Monday.

Quick thinking by his father helped save the boy’s life.

“We looked up and it was a mountain lion and it had a backpack," said one passerby.

But then you start to put the story together. From one hiker to a mountain biker.

"She had her son in her arms, the son was kind of crying and a little bit scared,” said Andon Wright.

But then you hear that son is three-years-old-and the member of a family of six just going for a hike in Whiting Ranch Park.

“The mountain lion came out of somewhere attacked the three-year-old, grabbed him by the neck and started dragging him,” said Cpt. Tony Bommarito.

The boy’s father was quick to toss a backpack at the lion and remarkably, “the mountain lion dropped the three-year-old, grabbed the backpack and went up into a tree,” said Bommarito.

And there it was, perched, backpack in mouth, but not for long.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife said the mountain lion had to be shot and killed in the interest of public safety. As for the three-year-old boy, he was taken to the hospital.

“As you know there have been mountain lion attacks in the past,” said Bommarito.

Cut to 2004, at the same park, a mountain lion attacked two people, killing one of them. Unfortunately, it’s something you have to be wary of living in the Orange County foothills.

“I make sure that my dogs don’t go out, I make sure that the doggy door is closed at night,” said local resident Tina Maqbool.

The boy has since been discharged from the hospital.

The mountain lion’s body has been taken back to Sacramento for DNA testing.