Students make pouches for injured Australian wildlife

SAINT CLAIR SHORES, MI – Students in a Michigan high school are helping animals injured in the devastating wildfires in Australia.

Students at Lake Shore High School in Saint Clair Shores are sewing wildlife pouches.

They’ve turned an interior design class at the school into a sewing shop.

The animal rescue craft guild will use the pouches to swaddle orphaned and displaced animals.

Officials say they’ve seen koalas, kangaroos, bats and sugar gliders injured in the wildfires.

“Sewing these are just so much fun and we’re so glad, like, we get to help animals,” said Andrea Friesmuth, a junior at the school.

“We don’t always have money to send or you can’t go there directly and help. it’s nice knowing that like we can do something like this,” said Bailey Price, a senior.

The class has been making the pouches for the past two and a half weeks.

Their goal was to make 50, but they’ve made well over a hundred.

A private plane will deliver the pouches to Australia.