Newborn baby killed in dog attack at Indiana home

A baby, less than a month old, died Saturday after a dog attack in an Indiana home.

Police were called to a home in Lafayette just after 11:30 Saturday morning.

The infant’s 14-year-old brother made the call, saying his baby brother had just been attacked by the family’s dog.

The teen told police the family’s pitbull-mix and beagle-mix were fighting in a bedroom.

He said he separated the dogs and took the beagle out of the room. In those few minutes, he said the pit-mix attacked his baby brother.

Police describe the injuries as catastrophic and took extreme measures, shooting and killing the dog to get to the baby.

“When the officer went into the room, the pit was standing over the baby. He could see that the baby had some pretty severe injuries and he believed the infant needed immediate life-saving aid," said Lt. Matt Gard with the Lafayette Police Dept.

The Tippecanoe County coroner said a preliminary autopsy showed the baby died from multiple sharp force injuries from dog bites. the coroner is calling the attack accidental.