Dog battling cancer to star in Super Bowl ad

MADISON, Wis. – Scout is a golden retriever who also serves as the unofficial mascot for the company “WeatherTech”. Weathertech makes automotive accessories like customized floor mats. They also manufacture home and pet care products. Scout belongs to the company’s founder and CEO David MacNeil.

"Most people know what we do," MacNeil says, "but we asked what can we do that's going to have a bigger impact?"

In the summer of 2019, an ultrasound found a tumor on Scout’s heart. He was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer of his blood vessel walls. The prognosis was not good. Scout was given about a month to live.

“There he was in this little room, standing in the corner... and he’s wagging his tail at me. I’m like ‘I’m not putting that dog down. There’s just absolutely no way,’” MacNeil remembers.