Louisiana daycare owner caught on camera dragging child

NEW ORLEANS, La. – Numerous agencies are investigating a Louisiana daycare center.

This after a video shows the owner of the facility dragging a child.

“I had to tell myself don’t watch this video because it’s hard to watch," said the child’s mother, Stephanie Kidd.

Kidd and her husband called the St. Charles Sheriff’s Office two weeks ago, when a daycare employee sent them this video of their one-year-old being dragged down the hall of special angels outreach in Luling

“I couldn’t even breathe," said Kidd.

Owner of the daycare, Lori Bercegeay, admits she’s the adult in the video.

“I was bringing him he was walking at first but he had just started walking and I guess I was going a little too fast for him or whatever, he went kind of to his knees and he was whining," said Bercegeay.

Bercegeay says her center is a resource for children with intellectual and developmental differences. She says they should have had more patience.

When asked if she would do anything differently going forward, she said she would be more careful.

“Just more careful with the kids and more aware of who is where and what are they doing,” said Bercegeay.

Kidd says she wants parents to be more careful too about who’s caring for their child.

“Be careful who you trust your kids with," said Kidd.

The Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services and the Louisiana Department of Education are investigating the incident.

The district attorney’s office will also be involved.