Florida woman spots lost dog on viral beer can

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – It took three years but a dog is finally going to be reunited with its family, and it’s all thanks to a beer can.

When you first meet Dayday, her smile is infectious.

She was one of the four shelter dogs chosen to be featured on Motorworks Brewing Beer cans, and the story went viral.

"We were all screaming like crazy people because we were so excited.”

Immediately two of the dogs were adopted -- but this girl was holding out for her perfect family.

That’s when Monica Mathis saw a familiar smile online.

“I was looking at the dogs and I was like ‘Oh my gosh, that’s Hazel,’" said Mathis.

Turns out Dayday, already had a family, who called her Hazel and have been looking for her since 2017. It’s just been in the wrong state.

“We never certainly thought it was going to be as far as Minnesota,” said Mathis.

When Dayday escaped her home, the family lost her microchip paperwork and were unable to update her information.

“I would think about her every day, every day," said Mathis.

So, they lost hope, until they saw their pup on a beer can.

“The fact that she’s on here, its meant to be,” said Mathis.

Now, the humane society is working to send Dayday, back home for free.

“I’m just so blessed and excited to have her home and I get her back," said Mathis.

Excited for the day, Dayday re-joins her perfect family.