107-year-old living life to the fullest with fiancee, driver’s license

SARASOTA, Fla. – There’s no slowing down for 107-year-old Sarasota, Florida resident Joe Newman.

“To be 107 means you keep breathing day after day,” he says.

Newman, who was born in 1913, still lives a full life by running a discussion group at his senior living facility, keeping up with his 99-year-old fiancée and, on occasion, taking his red Mercedes 320 hardtop coupe out for a spin.

When Newman was 101 years old, he ran for Congress in Sarasota. The Notre Dame grad now spends his time keeping up with current events, especially politics.

“It is my contention that mental exercise is just as important as physical exercise,” said Newman.

But what really keeps the 107-year-old young is his fiancé, Anita Sampson.

“I have learned a lot from Joe but I think he has learned a few things from me too,” said Sampson, who turns 100 years old in March.

The couple has yet to set a wedding date.

“We are waiting for my fiancée’s mother’s permission. Of course, we have had trouble getting an answer but we will wait,” said Newman.