Texas teen shot and killed after standing up to bully

ARLINGTON, TX – A Texas teen is shot and killed after he allegedly defended another child against bullying.

Family members identified the victim as 16-year-old Samuel Reynolds.

Police say Reynolds was shot outside his home by a teen between 13 and 15 years old.

Because of his age, his name is not being released.

Police say video shows the suspect pulling a handgun from his pants and firing one shot at Reynolds.

Family members told police Reynolds broke up a fight between the suspect and a “smaller boy” who was being picked on a day prior to the shooting.

Family and friends gathered at a vigil for Reynolds Friday at his high school.

“I think this just encourages us to go out and to be like sam and to follow the example that Sam has set for us," said Russell Laniyan, a student at Sam’s school.

The suspect is being held at a juvenile detention center and faces a murder charge.

it’s unclear if he will be tried as an adult or child.