7-year-old dies one minute into tonsillectomy

CLINTON, SC – Family members are hoping to see autopsy results after a 7-year-old girl died during surgery in South Carolina.

Paisley Elizabeth Grace Cogsdill died while she was having her tonsils removed.

“She was just spunky energetic, she always keeps us on our toes," said Cameron Truelock, Paisley’s uncle.

Paisley’s uncle says she was the light in the family - she loved everyone and made sure everybody was close.

“She loved going to church, being active in church, and she loved being close to everybody. She was the community’s kid. she loved everybody in the community," said Cameron Truelock.

Last Friday, Paisley went to the greenwood hospital to get her tonsils out.

A healthy child with no issues, the family says, other than she snored in her sleep.

“Going into surgery she had no fear. She was smiling and happy, nothing was wrong, you know, she had no fear," said Mary Beth Truelock, Paisley’s grandmother.