Argument over dog poop in Colorado leads to shooting

ARAPAHOE COUNTY, CO – An argument over some dog waste in a yard led to a shooting in a Colorado neighborhood.

“People that live down over there just walk their dogs up to Walmart and back down," said Alan Nottingham, a neighbor.

Nottingham sees it all the time near Parker and Florida, but he’s never heard of a dog walk turning into a shooting until last night.

Jared Rowlison with the Arapahoe Co. Sheriff’s Office says one shot was fired in an argument over picking up after a dog.

The sheriff’s department says it’s unclear which man started the argument and which man pulled the trigger. Luckily, no one was hit.

“The disparity of what the argument was about versus the outcome of the argument is certainly concerning for sure,” said Rowlinson.

The suspect who fired took off, prompting the sheriff’s office to put out a reverse 911 call to nearby households, asking people to shelter in place as they searched the nearby neighborhood.

“At the time we didn’t know what all we were going into, who this person was and so on, so out of an abundance of caution we will issue a reverse 911 asking people to stay inside," said Rowlinson.

That was lifted at around 11 o’clock Wednesday night and the suspect was never found.

“I think that’s nuts somebody ought to hit that guy in the head,” said Nottingham.

That suspect could face a variety of charges including reckless endangerment and menacing.

The sheriff’s office says this was an isolated incident and they have no reason to believe the public is in danger.