Mountain lion attacks Colorado deputy

DENVER, CO – A mountain lion attacked a female sheriff’s deputy in Larimer County, Colorado on Wednesday.

It happened at an RV park.

The video shows a mountain lion attacking a female sheriff’s deputy in Larimer County.

You can see the deputy trying to fight off the lion while she was on the ground.

The cat eventually runs away. moments earlier, it had attacked another person who lives in this RV park.

One witness tells us he saw a patch ripped off the deputy’s uniform.

Her pager was found thrown to the ground near where this struggle took place.

This happened at the Riverview RV Park near Loveland, right outside Greg Paul’s home.

“It lunged at the officers. she went like this. Luckily, thank God. I mean if she had not put her arm up, it would have just gotten her right here. She fell down, it got off of her, ran back underneath from my neighbor’s trailer, it took like four more shots," said Paul. "It was like seven shots total and then it took off, went around our trailer, went underneath our trailer, came out a few more shots, and then it took off.”

And so did the officers.

As of Thursday, the deputy and the other person attacked are expected to be okay.

As for the mountain lion, it was shot multiple times and eventually died near the home.