Florida toddler is adopted, gets drive-by celebration

SARASOTA, Fla. – After waiting years to adopt a child, a Florida family couldn’t get their day in court.

The formal proceedings were postponed because of coronavirus, but with the help of friends, neighbors and first responders, they still found a special way to celebrate.

Three-year-old Reney has been waiting for the Wilsons to adopt her since she was seven weeks old.

Just like they adopted her older biological sister.

“We’ve just been waiting to complete our family," said Lindsey Wilson.

That’s why when they found out Reney wouldn’t be getting her adoption day in court they were disappointed.

“Because of COVID-19 we don’t get that. She doesn’t get that. We don’t get those pictures to really explain what adoption is,” said Lindsey.

So Lindsey asked family and friends to drive by and show support for Reney.

“So I put the word out and I was like, ok, there’s five cars so maybe we can get a few more, and we were not expecting this at all, and its just so special,” said Lindsey.

One more child, a foster and adoption advocacy organization, says though COVID-19 has put a lot of cases on hold, they’ve had higher numbers of people interested in fostering.

“There’s just an empathy that we have nationally and locally that maybe sometimes we just fast forward too quickly through their lives to really appreciate. People are asking the really in-depth questions about foster care right now,” said RJ Walter.

That same kind of empathy shown by dozens of friends, strangers, and first responders who lined the street.

Showing their support and love for Reney’s new forever family.

“This was super special and amazing,” said Lindsey.

If you’d like to learn more about fostering a child, go to onemorechild.org.