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“Teddy Roosevelt” salutes truckers

"Teddy Roosevelt" Salutes Truckers
"Teddy Roosevelt" Salutes Truckers

MEDORA, ND – Even though Theodore Roosevelt National Park is closed as the country battles coronavirus, its namesake is staying busy by giving thanks.

As trucks passed by the Medora exit on I-94 in North Dakota Sunday, they were greeted with a laugh, a salute and a holler.

"Bully for America’s truckers!" yelled Theodore Roosevelt, 26th president of the United States...or at least the actor portraying him.

He credited North Dakota for helping to make him a man. Now, he wants to give back to those on the roads.

“I see the American economy moving, I see the country moving, and I see the trucker in the vanguard, taking risk for himself or herself, but doing so in a way that provides for his or her family, and provides for the nation. The least I can do is salute that good effort,” said Roosevelt.