Politicians question rate of coronavirus testing in Virginia

Florida falls short of 2% coronavirus testing requirement
Florida falls short of 2% coronavirus testing requirement

RICHMOND, Va. – Not the numbers commonwealth health officials were hoping for.

Tuesday’s increase in coronavirus cases was the biggest increase yet across Virginia.

Thirty-four additional people have died with more than 800 additional people testing positive for the virus.

Gov. Ralph Northam toured a free, walkup COVID-19 testing site in Richmond.

It’s an effort to improve access to COVID-19 testing for uninsured and underinsured residents.

“We do it by doing things like we’re doing today to make sure we get the word out that we are ramping our testing up," said Northam.

Testing has increased by 41 percent in the past week.

But the Virginia Republican party says the commonwealth is falling behind on testing.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the commonwealth is fourth in the number of people tested when compared to neighboring states, just ahead of Kentucky and West Virginia.

“Something is fundamentally different -- and possibly wrong -- with the way Virginia’s testing is being handled. Virginians deserve answers, and they deserve them now,” said House Republican leader Todd Gilbert.