Grim Reaper stalks Florida beaches

A Florida attorney is stalking beaches dressed as the Grim Reaper to protest the lifting of social distancing restrictions.

"We are dealing with a deadly virus. I think it's too soon to draw thousands of millions of people to our beaches," said Daniel Uhlfelder.

Uhlfelder is an outspoken Florida Beaches for All advocate, an organization that is pro-public beaches, and against private beach ownership, but he said when it comes to the coronavirus, the beaches should remain closed.

"The message is I love our beaches, I know how important it is to come to our beaches, and that it's such a draw to our community and people will come from all over and I want us to be able to get back to using our beaches, and if we do this too quickly we won't get there," said Uhlfelder.

While he was walking on the beaches Friday, visitors were not fazed as they tried to maintain social distancing while enjoying the Gulf.