Illinois family finds creative way to hug loved ones

How many of you miss hugging your loved ones and friends?

An Illinois mom and her kids missed their grandma so much, they found a way to make hugging her again, possible.

It’s been a long time.

“Almost two months now.”

Since Carly Marinaro and her 5 children got to hug their nana Rose.

“I’ve been so close to these children since they were born," said Mariano.

But being close is the one thing rose can’t be with her great-grandchildren right now.

“She said ‘oh I just want to hug them, I just want to touch them,’ and we went, ‘oooh we can’t do that.’”

So what could they do?

“We joked, we can’t put plastic bags on our kids, people would think we were crazy-- and it is a crazy idea," said Mariano.

That crazy idea lea to an ingenious one. Some PVC pipes, plastic window sealer, livestock gloves, and a little love, and presto you have “hug time”.

“They said nana, you gotta come over right now," said Nana Rose.

Tuesday afternoon with camera phone’s rolling, Carly captured the moment she and her kids surprised rose.

With some long overdue embraces, “oh my girls, my boy.”

It’s a simple concept.

"You just put your arms through the holes and then grandma puts her arms through those holes and we hug her.”

That’s made a world of difference.

“It was a wonderful, wonderful surprise, i got to hold my grandkids,” said Nana Rose.

“They want her coming over every day for hugs,” said Marino.