The Tamagotchi virtual pet from the 90s is back

Tamagotchi (Credit: CNN)
Tamagotchi (Credit: CNN)

CNN – The Tamagotchi is back.

The virtual pet that was so popular in the 90s is coming to North America again in July, with a new product called Tamagotchi On Wonder Garden.

The $59.99 toy will launch on July 26. Online pre-orders are available starting Thursday at Target, Amazon, Walmart and GameStop.

The On series updates the 90s toy with more modern technology: You'll find the original pets, but now with better graphics in color, and on a device that can connect to a mobile app.

Unlike the original Tamagotchi, the new one can go outside its house, celebrate your birthday with colorful balloons and a festive tune, and even travel to different lands. It can also get married and raise children, who will later grow into adults, and continue the family tree.