’She put Old Glory to work!’: Woman uses flag to fend off attacker

SOUTH SALT LAKE, Ut.Lejune Timmerman says she had no other choice as she used ‘Old Glory’ to fend off an unknown attacker in the front yard of her South Salt Lake, Utah home.

“He beat up my two big brothers,” Timmerman, 73, said Wednesday. “He hit me and I didn’t have much leverage to go at him, and then he choked me and that’s when I got angry and I started whooping him with this.”

“All hell broke loose,” Paul Hultgren, Timmerman’s brother, recalled.

Timmerman said the stranger had been acting in a bizarre manner — kissing the sidewalk in front of her home — before jumping the fence and going on the offensive.

“The only way I could stop him was take my old flag pole and stick him and hit him with it,” Timmerman said. “By damn, he let my brothers go!”

After the man hit Timmerman and attempted to strangle her, he barged inside the house.