Ahead of Labor Day Celebrations, experts say: play it safe

Masks, social distancing, small groups recommended

Enjoy Labor Day Weekend, but remember COVID-19 rules

(NBC News) - Millions of Americans are planning a last warm weather hurrah before the sun sets on summer.  This year, AAA sees travelers opting for remote locations over cities, and driving instead of flying.  Still, there are worries vacationers might trigger another round of COVID-19 infections.

Some areas that saw spikes after Memorial Day, like Oregon’s Multnomah County, are pleading with people to play it safe. 

“Our ask of the public is to just find one way to take your plans down a notch in terms of risk,” says Multnomah County Health Officer Dr. Jennifer Vines. 

That includes not taking a vacation from pandemic precautions says the Cleveland Clinic’s Dr. Alan Taege.

“We need people to do social distancing,” he says. “We need to keep gatherings to small numbers. Under 10 is what people say and to wear masks when possible.” 

And while many continue to avoid crowds, health experts say small gatherings can be risky as well. 

“The more people, the greater the chances someone may have it asymptomatic, or a pre-symptomatic infection, and they can spread it,” Dr. Taege warns.

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