Off-duty nurse in Indianapolis saves dying man’s life

Off-duty nurse in Indianapolis saves dying man’s life
Off-duty nurse in Indianapolis saves dying man’s life

BROWNSBURG, Ind. – An Indianapolis emergency department nurse recently found himself in the right place at the right time and helped saved a man’s life.

Koree Pereira is a nurse in the emergency department at Community Hospital East.

He says he likes the challenge of never knowing what’s next.

“One minute, you could just be hanging out and helping out other co-workers do things, and the next minute, you’re running through an emergency coming through the front door, or MS is bringing somebody in, so it’s it’s kind of exhilarating at times,” Pereira says.

During a recent night out at a bar in Brownsburg with his brother, Pereira put his skills to full use.

“This guy just walked by us, and he kind of had this look on his face, but we didn’t really think anything much of it just because we’re in a bar, and that’s kind of expected — everybody’s there having a good time,” Pereira said. “But he took 10-15 steps to the left of us and then he just collapsed.”

Pereira said he noticed the man was not blinking or breathing and jumped in to help.

“I was like, oh, I’ve seen this before, and that’s when I just kind of clicked in to ‘nurse mode’ and checked the pulse and checked respirations and unfortunately, he had none,” Pereira said. “I got him in the perfect CPR position, started CPR on him and fortunately, I got him back.”

The man had technically died since there was no pulse but because of Pereira’s quick action and training, he was able to revive the man just as police and paramedics arrived.

Unfortunately, Pereira does not know how the man he revived is doing because of privacy reasons, but he hopes he makes a quick recovery.