Four-year-old Texas boy loses both parents to COVID-19

A four-year-old in Texas has lost both of his parents to COVID-19.

Raiden Gonzalez has dealt with two major losses back-to-back at a young age.

His mother, Mariah, died of coronavirus in October — just a few months after the disease killed his father, Adan.

Raiden’s relatives say the deaths have been devastating to the boy, who is supposed to celebrate his fifth birthday in just a few days.

The family is hoping to lift his spirits with a drive-thru parade and celebration, and is asking their community to do their part to help slow the spread of the disease.

“Raiden being left behind, it’s very hard,” said Rozie Salinas, Raiden’s grandmother.

“He said he wishes he could bring her back,” said Margie Bryant, Raiden’s great aunt. “We’ve lost two people now to COVID-19 and I can’t emphasize enough the severity, the seriousness and the hurt that this pandemic can cause, so wear your mask, be safe.”