Study shows that remote learners are more stressed than in-person students

32 percent of students reported mental health as a source of stress

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many families performing under pressure.

A 2021 study from NBC News and Challenge Success indicates that the pandemic has had more of an impact on remote students as opposed to those in the classroom.

The study looked at more than 75,000 high school students from 86 high schools across the country before and during the pandemic.

It found that students, especially women of color, have experienced high levels of stress and pressure due to grades, tests, overall workload, lack of sleep and more.

In Fall 2020, 32% of students reported mental health as a major source of stress, 14% more than pre-pandemic.

The study also found that students’ engagement with earning is especially low now, 41% have reported a decrease in their school efforts.

According to the study, students who have a sense of belonging and connection in their classrooms perform better academically. However, data shows that students’ relationships with adults and peers appear to be strained in recent times.

While the data presented in the study shows the devastating effects the pandemic has had on high school students’ well-being and academic engagement, it’s important to note that these are averages.

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