Broadway’s quest to reopen after closures due to the pandemic

Theaters are shut down until the end of May

Broadway: It's the lifeblood of New York City.

NEW YORK CITY – Broadway. It’s the lifeblood of New York City, but much of the energy has been drained out of the industry after almost a year of lockdowns. Now, hit shows are on the quest to come back better than ever.

The coronavirus pandemic halted the spectacular long-running hit shows like “Wicked” and new productions like “Moulin Rouge,” which recently made its debut. Suddenly, an estimated 97,000 jobs were done.

However, indoor gathering limits in the city will increase, but officials say theaters won’t likely open doors unless coronavirus safety rules allow 100% capacity.

“Broadway is the heart of New York City, and when Broadway reopens it will send a national and international signal to the world that the pandemic has been beaten,” said CEO and President of Playbill Inc., Philip Birsh.

As it stands, Broadway will continue to be shut down until the end of May.