Florida principal under investigation for paddling 6-year-old student in front of her mother

The mother recorded the incident when she realized there were no cameras in the principal’s office

MYERS-NAPLES, Fla. – A Florida principal is in hot water after a video of her paddling a 6-year-old student in front of her mother for punishment has surfaced.

It all began when the mother of the student, who chose to remain anonymous, received a call from Central Elementary School on Tuesday, April 13, saying her daughter damaged a computer, WINK News reported.

In a report from the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office, where this happened, the mom says the school mentioned paddling as a form of punishment with her and a deputy present. However, the mother, who is Hispanic, says she didn’t fully understand the process.

Later that day, the mother went to the school to pay the fee for the damaged computer, and school officials took her into the principal’s office.

“My daughter was already in the office. The principal started to scream,” said the mom.

As she looked around the office, she found there were no cameras, so she took matters into her own hands and recorded the incident.

“Nobody would have believed me,” she said.

She did what she thought was right and hid her cellphone in her purse and pressed record as the disturbing incident unraveled before her.

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