Why are gas prices higher in different areas?

10 News spent the day in the New River Valley seeing how prices vary

A gallon of gas in Blacksburg is around $4.19 compared to about $3.97 in Christiansburg

BLACKSBURG, Va. – Gas prices remain a hot topic.

In certain parts of our area, some are paying more at the pump.

The average price for a gallon of regular gas is $4.19 in Blacksburg compared to the Christiansburg where a gallon will cost $3.97.

“This truck about $80 currently, usually about 45,” Kevin Depietro, a driver said.

It can be tough for some to pay especially since there is an increase in gas prices.

“If you’re driving a lot, that’s a lot of money for college kids,” a Virginia Tech student said.

AAA said there are several factors involved in why gas prices are higher.

“Are you driving past a corporation or are you driving past a mom and pop store? Or is it a store that owns the property it’s on or leases,” Morgan Dean, AAA Mid-Atlantic spokesperson said.

AAA officials said another reason could be stations selling gas at lower prices with the hope the consumer would spend more inside the store.

“Selling gas at a little of a loss cheaper than what they paid for because they hope with the discount, you’ll go inside and get a cup of coffee, maybe something for lunch,” Dean said.

And there are geographic factors as well.

“Some of the most expensive gas is right off the interstate,” Dean said.

Another reason why gas may be different in price is that they could be getting delivered from different areas.

“If they are on the end of a delivery ride it might be more expensive coming from a different direction.”

Drivers are going to do their best they can to deal with the pain at the pump.

“It’s a struggle for a lot of folks, people need to understand that and try to find ways to deal with it,” Ron Rordam, former mayor of Blacksburg said.

Kroger said they set gas prices based on the market.

“At Kroger fuel centers, prices are determined by market supply and demand and the cost of oil,” James Menees, corporate affairs manager for Kroger Mid-Atlantic.

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