Woman says she was poisoned by napkin left on her car door outside of popular Houston restaurant

Houston woman, Erin Mims, said she was poisoned after touching a tissue that had been stuffed in her door handle. (KPRC/KSAT)

HOUSTON – A Houston woman is warning others after she says she was poisoned by a napkin that someone stuffed in her door handle.

“I felt like I couldn’t breathe. My chest started hurting, I was getting hot flashes, my heart was racing, just a whole bunch of stuff. I told my husband that I didn’t feel well,” Erin Mims told Houston station, KPRC.

It happened on Mims birthday as she was leaving a celebratory brunch at the Willowbrook location of the Prospect Park diner.

“I took it out with my nails and threw it and got in the car. I asked him (my husband) about it and he said he didn’t put a napkin in there,” Mims said.

Mims went back inside the restaurant to wash her hands but then started to feel some strange symptoms.

“My fingertips started tingling. In my mind I’m thinking I’m just overreacting,” Mims said.

They headed to the hospital where doctors ran tests and flushed out her system. A doctor told her she suffered acute poisoning but the substance wasn’t identifiable.

Mims said others have reached out on social media to say they were also targeted.

The Houston Police Department told KPRC that they are aware of the incident and is investigating this as a possible assault. They’re asking anyone with any information to contact their office.

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Mims posted a warning to others on social media:

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