71 die, six survive as plane carrying Brazil's Chapecoense soccer team crashes in Colombia

By Jeff Williamson - Digital Content Manager

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) - Expressions of grief are pouring in from throughout the soccer world, after the crash in Colombia of a plane carrying a Brazilian soccer team to the biggest match in its history.

The plane crashed into a hillside and broke into pieces, killing 71 people and leaving six survivors. Colombian officials lower crash death toll to 71 from 75, saying 4 people didn't board flight.

Authorities say the crew had declared an emergency and the plane had lost radar contact because of an electrical failure.

Doctors at several hospitals are working to stabilize the six survivors of the crash.

They say soccer player Alan Ruschel appears to be in the most delicate condition. He's suffered a spinal fracture.

Another player, Helio Zampier, is in stable condition with skull and chest injuries.

A third player, Jakson Follmann, is at another facility and being evaluated for multiple unspecified injuries.

Journalist Rafael Valmorbida is recovering from surgery for chest injuries.

Bolivian crew members Ximena Suarez and Erwin Tumiri are listed in stable condition and recovering.

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