Bedford County firefighters installing smoke alarms after third fire at same complex

BEDFORD COUNTY (WSLS10) - Firefighters in Bedford County are coming together and working with the Red Cross to make sure people have working smoke alarms. This comes after four apartments have been determined unlivable after a fire broke out at the Homestead Garden Apartments in Forest.

Tiffany Towne lives right next door to where a fire recently destroyed four apartments.

"I was surprised, I noticed it from my window," Towne said.

She's glad crews are came to her home to make sure there's proper equipment to alert her if there's a fire.

"I think that's awesome, I think it's great the whole the neighborhood gets them," Towne said.

Firefighters said having smoke detectors doubles your chances of staying alive.

They said annually in Bedford County fire fighters respond to over 4,000 calls.

The more recent one includes the fire at Jefferson Ridge Apartments Friday evening where fire fighters said one unit was completely destroyed and there were no working smoke alarms.

"The killer is truly the smoke, so if we can catch the smoke and alert you when the smoke is building that is what is going to save your life," Jack Jones Jr., Bedford County Fire and Rescue Chief said.

At the Homestead Garden Apartments, firefighters said it was the third fire within five years.

The smoke alarms there old and are connected to a hard wire, which means if the power is out they don't work if the battery is dead and that's why firefighters are installing new smoke alarms to make sure people are safe.

Firefighters said no one was hurt in both fires and they have not yet determined the cause for them as well.  

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