Exterior finished on Home for the Holidays build

By Lindsey Ward - Anchor

ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - Habitat for Humanity and WSLS 10 will hand over the keys to a brand new home to the Chhetri family just in time for the holidays.

Thursday, volunteers spent most of their time outside preparing for Friday's inspection.

Volunteers from the Hunting Hills Garden Club and future home owner Seeta Chhetri planted a dogwood in the front yard.

Bank of Botetourt volunteers mulched the flower beds on the side of the home.

"It's really nice to get out of the bank and come out here and enjoy the day and really do something nice for the community," explained Marty Francis, Bank of Botetourt Commercial Loan Officer.

Meanwhile, last year's Home for the Holidays recipient, Veronica Garcia, volunteered and reflected on what it feels like a year later.

"It feels warm, it's very inviting I always tell people to come over and visit me now because it's nice it's nice you can actually say this is my house," Veronica said.

While dozens frantically work to finish the home for the Chhetris Veronica says next year when the holidays roll around and it's peaceful, reality sets in.

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