Family grateful after Richmond officers save dog from busy intersection

By Erin Brookshier - Virginia Today Reporter
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WRIC Staff - RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A Richmond family is thankful for two Richmond Police officers who rescued their dog from a busy intersection.

"Huge thanks," said Andrea Johnson. "We're so close to Semmes Avenue where there are four lanes of traffic. She could have easily gotten hit."

The Johnsons adopted a puppy, now named Ginger, from the SPCA a few months ago. They just installed a new fence to avoid this sort of thing, but after what happened Wednesday, they realized their puppy is smarter than they thought.

The Johnson's dog got loose and was running through a busy Richmond intersection when the officers saw what was happening. Familiar with the traffic that frequents Semmes Avenue near 24th Street, officers Joseph Ronan and Ben Frazer knew they had to step in.

"He screamed and it startled me to the point where I thought something bad had happened," said Officer Ben Frazer. "I then realized it was something bad, it was a small dog running through the street."

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"So at that time I activated the emergency lights and I told Ronan, ‘jump out save the dog!" explained Frazer.

They stopped traffic thinking there was going to be a chase, but they were sorely mistaken.

"The door was open and I got out to call the dog over," said Officer Joseph Ronan. "It kind of just ran right buy me and jumped in the back seat of the vehicle."

Of course, just like any other backseat passengers, the officers went by the book.

"He was ran for warrants and he didn't have any warrants. She didn't have any warrants," Ronan said with a smile.

Ginger was then taken to animal control where, thanks to a micro-chip, she was reunited with her family.

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"The fact that it was an officer just makes it that much better," said Johnson. "I mean, she's just a little puppy. They're looking after the little things as well as the big things that can consume their time."

Johnson's two kids were also happy to have Ginger home.

"I couldn't image having to break any bad news like that to them," said Johnson. "Even though it's been only four months since we've had her, still, she's just a little member of our family, the smallest one."

When told the story of Ginger's willingness to ride with police, her owner joked that since she is part German-Shepard, maybe she thinks she's a police dog and that's why she jumped right into the patrol car.

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