Golden Eagle released after rehabilitation in Wythe County

By Bethany Teague - Reporter

WYTHE COUNTY (WSLS 10) - A bird rarely seen in southwest Virginia was released back into the wild Monday after three months of rehabilitation.

The Golden Eagle, which never got a name, was rescued back in August after it was found on the ground. It is thought to be less than a year old. No one knows how it got injured, but common dangers to these birds include being hit by a car, lead poisening from hunters' bullets and wind turbines.

Workers at the Wildlife Center of Virginia rehabilitated the bird until they believed it was ready to survive in the wild again. It is fitted with a GPS backpack which transmits a tracking signal every 15 minutes. It should last up to two years. Researchers said the bird could stay in Virginia, where they believe it may have been born. Often, Golden Eagles travel to Canada for most of the year.

There are only about 3,000 Golden Eagles on the east coast.

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